Starke County Park Board Considers More Electrical Work at Bass Lake Campground

The operator of the Bass Lake Campground is once again asking the Starke County Park Board to cover the cost of electrical upgrades. County Attorney Marty Lucas says a representative of Callahan Development, LLC told the park board last week that the company is looking to expand the campground’s electrical capacity.

It was noted that the current system is having trouble keeping up with the demands of the newer RVs, especially if their air conditioners are running. The representative explained that the capacity upgrade would start at the back of the campground and split the service area into two sections, according to Lucas. On top of that, Lucas says the operators also want to replace a failed underground electrical line and noted that other cables may also be reaching the end of their useful life.

Under Callahan’s lease with the county, the company is supposed to cover all maintenance costs, but capital improvements approved by the park board ahead of time are covered by the county as a deduction in Callahan’s rent payment. Earlier this year, the park board agreed to deduct about $3,500 for circuit breaker upgrades and wiring work done in 2018.

Lucas says board members weren’t sure the public would support increased investment in the campground, and they ended up tabling the request to give members who weren’t at last week’s meeting a chance to weigh in.