Winamac Officials Alerted that Division B of Water Project Came in Under Budget

A change order presented to Winamac Town Council members Monday afternoon shows that portion of the water infrastructure improvement project ended up costing less than what was estimated.

Midwestern Engineers CEO Mark Sullivan told members they are expected to see cost savings with Division B of the project, which was conducted by H&G Underground and dealt with the raw water transmission main.

Sullivan explained, “That division was a unit price contract so for every foot of pipe that went in, you paid for that number of footage of the pipe.” He continued, “In the instance of this division, with the all the final quantities paid, we’re coming in about $10,000 under budget.”

Sullivan said the reduced price is a result of the way the estimate was created for the initial project budget.

He told members, “We do this by design a little bit. We put a little bit of fat on the distances and then when it gets measured in the field, you want it to measure a little shorter because you want to make sure you have plenty of money going in into the project.”

Sullivan went on to mention that the actual amount they’ll save totals $10,851.