Code Enforcement Effort Leads to NJ Utility Crews Mowing Overgrown Lawns

Some property owners in the Town of North Judson could be faced with a lien on their property, following a code enforcement effort for unmowed grass. 

Over the past few months, Ordinance Officer Kerry Rust has been carrying out enforcement on a few different properties that were in violation of the town’s required grass height. Owners of those specific properties were given multiple citations and a warning that they had until Monday, August 26th to mow their grass or it would be handled by the Town and they would be billed.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe noted that there were two properties on Arlington Street and one on Franklin Street who were still in violation on Tuesday, August 27th so the Town utility crews had to mow the lawns.

On a related note, Officer Rust and Town Superintendent Joe Leszek have been identifying unkempt alleyways and enforcement has increased on those. Clerk-Treasurer Rowe mentioned that there are some that are currently impassible, which is a safety hazard for emergency vehicles.  

As with unmowed lawns, if utility crews have to take care of trimming in the alleyways, the owner will be billed for the expense and if that goes on unpaid a lien can be placed on the property.