Culver Officials Approve Advertisement of 2020 Budget, Hearing Scheduled

The Culver Town Council provided approval for the 2020 Budget to be advertised when members met for their final meeting of the month in August.

However, the vote was not unanimous, with Councilman Bill Cleavenger presenting the lone opposing vote. 

Before the motion was made, Cleavenger said he was concerned about the amount of money that is listed for the Rainy Day Fund. According to information provided by Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim, the budget estimate for the Rainy Day fund is set at $50,000.

Clerk-Treasurer Heim said money from the General Fund can be moved to Rainy Day at any point during the year. However, she noted that during her time as Clerk-Treasurer, that action has never been required.

The total amount listed for next year’s budget is $5,242,778, the maximum estimated funds to be raised in 2020 is set at $1,264,108 and the current tax levy is listed as $1,224,015.

A member of the public asked if taxes are expected to increase and Heim said it is likely.

She explained, “There’s a maximum amount of money that we can collect and based on that money they take a look at what the assessed value for the area is and back you into a tax rate. We actually have a very low tax rate in comparison to a lot of areas but also realizing that the home values are much higher for this area.”

Town Manager Jonathan Leist noted that it increases every year and changes to assessed value have had more of an effect on that than any decisions made at the local level.

Heim added that by increasing the Town’s tax base with annexation and the construction of new homes, it will help lighten the load and spread out the impact.

She also told the citizen that they’re welcome to come by her office and she’d be willing to discuss it further since she has some charts that help explain it in greater detail.

Officials are expected to hold their public hearing over the 2020 budget on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 6:30 p.m. in Culver Town Hall.