Culver Town Council Considers Quote for Utility Billing Software Support

Culver Town Council members made a decision related to technical assistance for meter-reading software when they met at the end of August.

Jonathan Leist presented members with a quote of $2,599.92 for software support from EJP.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim expanded upon the two different types of software that are utilized and why it’s important for them to have the support services.

She explained, “We have billing software but then you also have software to support the meter readers which then communicates with the utility billing software so its kind of two softwares but we want to make sure they’re communicating.”

Town Manager Leist noted that UB Max is the company they received the billing software from and EJP provides the meter-reading software.

Heim noted that they have been relying heavily on the tech assistance for the past few months. She took a moment to acknowledge a recent instance they went above and beyond in order to help out the Town.

She told members, “I do have to give them some recognition because their salesman came and they had one of their programmers that was on vacation up here and on his way home they stopped in because we were having some issues and on his way back from vacation stopped in and spent the morning.

The Council members cast a unanimous vote to approve the quote as presented.