Culver Town Council President Discusses Stellar Youth Engagement Workshop

While discussing the Marshall County Crossroads Regional Stellar Initiative at last Thursday’s Culver Town Council meeting, President Ginny Bess Munroe brought up a recent Youth Engagement Workshop that involved students from all across the region.

She explained, “We had about 10-20 kids from each school that came out Swan Lake and some of the people on the Regional Stellar Team facilitated group table meetings.

According to information that the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation shared about this opportunity, students had the chance to discuss topics such as diversity and inclusion, leadership, education and job preparation as well as arts and culture, health and wellness and parks and networks.  

President Munroe mentioned that they received positive feedback from some of the students who participated in the workshop.

She noted, “A group that came from the Bremen Schools sent a really nice thank you letter to the Regional Stellar Team saying this was one of the best things that they’ve ever experienced.”

Munroe added that it was a valuable exercise for everyone involved.

She told members and meeting attendees, “What was really cool is the kids got to have input in the Quality of Life plan that we’re putting together and that’s a great way to expose young people to government and how it works, regional planning and how that works.

Munroe continued, “So we thought that we need a lot more of that in the county for building future leaders.”

MCEDC officials noted that the workshop involved students from Argos, Culver, Grace Baptist, Plymouth, Triton and Bremen schools.