Hearing over Cedar Point Park and Cottage Corner Pointe Vacation Petition Anticipated for Next Month

Starke County Commissioners were expected hear some information over a petition related to the vacation of part of Cedar Point Park and Cottage Corner Pointe when they met last week but an argument was raised that protocol was not followed.

 Before the hearing was officially opened, Attorney Jon Bomberger spoke out in opposition to it being held. He told commissioners that he is a representative for a couple who resides in Cedar Point Park.  

He noted that there were certain Indiana codes related to publications and notifications that were not followed prior to the hearing being held. He also mentioned that the petition the hearing was over was initially filed three years ago.

Bomberger explained, “Things have changed since 2016 when this was apparently originally filed so as a result, our objection is that the notice here is defective and that the petition needs to be re-filed and that’s certainly within the power of the petitioner and then the matter can be heard on its merits.”

Commissioners decided to table the matter until next month and representatives of the petition were asked to re-file it. They were also told to make sure the petition and the hearing notice are published within the specified time frame. The hearing was set for the Commissioners’ meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, October 7th.

Commissioner Kathy Norem recommended listing the hearing at the top of the agenda the next time so those interested in weighing in on the matter will be able to do so at the start of the meeting.