NJ Officials Address Obstruction to Bluejay Designs on East Water Tower

East Tower Prior to Painting Completion and Readjustment
Photo Source: NJ Photographer Peggy Bohac

In order to address an obstruction to the designs on the freshly renovated water tower in downtown North Judson, some equipment had to be repositioned.

Initially, the project plans only called for one bluejay head to be placed on the east tower, however, during a special meeting in August, members decided to add an additional head to help balance out the design.

Once the painting was complete, it was realized that some existing equipment on the tower was impacting visibility.

East Tower Following Project Completion and Satellite Readjustment

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe stated that two satellites from Four Way Computer Products were recently adjusted so they now sit a few inches below each bluejay head design.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe noted that the water project is nearing completion with both water towers completely renovated, re-filled and back in use. All that remained at the time of the last Council meeting was site restoration.