Renovation Work Underway at Starke County Republican Headquarters but Several Issues Remain

Work continues at the Starke County Republican Headquarters building, but it’s not necessarily the work that was ordered by the City of Knox.

Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost reminded the board of works last week that a leaning chimney, extensive water damage, and a leaky roof all have to be repaired or removed, with the bulk of the issues on the back porch structure. There’s also a piece of siding coming off of the front of the building, according to Pfost.

A representative of the property explained that they’re currently looking to sell the building, which is located at 13 North Main Street, and they’ve been renovating the upstairs apartment to make it more attractive to buyers. Board Member Steve Dodge pointed out that’s not exactly related to the repairs mandated by the city.

The board was told that there are plans to tear down the problematic porch, but the reason it hasn’t been done yet is that people haven’t been showing up to help. Finding a match for the siding has also apparently been a challenge.

Pfost said the original deadline to have all the work completed was September 2. In the end, board members agreed to postpone any further discussion until their next meeting.