Winamac Officials Permit Electric Dept. to Pursue System Model for Needed Upgrades

When the Winamac Town Council met on Monday, Electric Department Superintendent Doug Shorter informed them about an overdue system upgrade.

He noted as long as he’s been serving on the Winamac Electric Department, the switching and fuse systems have not been adjusted at all.

Shorter went on to share some information that he, Town Manager Brad Zellers, and Journeyman Jake Berger recently discussed with officials at the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA).

He explained, “It’s pretty much all outdated so what we need to do is hire IMPA to come in here and do what they call a system model for it. They’ll go through and we’ll with them around and they’ll figure out stuff, they’ll get the right fusing and let us know. Of course, we’ll do that part of it. They’ll be able to map it out.”  

Shorter added that IMPA would also conduct an arc flash study which is a necessary safety requirement. He mentioned the projected cost to have all that done would be $17,500 and reiterated that it’s something that really needs to be done.

Town Council President Tom Murray noted that the funds exist within the Electric Departments budget and entertained a motion to allow IMPA to conduct the systems model process. Council members cast a unanimous vote to allow Superintendent Shorter to proceed.