Starke County Election Board to Hold More Informational Vote Center Meetings

The Starke County Election Board is hosting two more opportunities for community members to learn more about vote centers tonight and tomorrow evening.

Tonight’s meeting will be held at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center in Knox and Thursday’s meeting will be held in the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library. Both meetings will commence at 6:30 p.m.

Back in September, members held the first informational meeting where they discussed the proposal to shift from 21 different polling places to 7 vote centers.

Some of the advantages of making the switch that were noted during the initial meeting included eventual cost savings as well as increased convenience for the voter since individuals would be allowed to vote anywhere in the County rather than just in their own precinct.

In addition to providing information about vote centers and what the change would entail, these meetings are being held in order to gather feedback from community members about the proposal.

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