NJ-SP School Board Approves Teachers’ Contract and Handbook

The North Judson-San Pierre Teacher’s Contract was approved when school board members met in a special meeting Monday.

When the final hearing over the agreement was held back in October, Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin shared some of the key factors.

She explained that the salary range listed in the plan is $36,000-$64,000, which includes $1,000 increase to the base pay for first-year teachers.

Dr. Zupin said that raises for existing teachers are determined based on years of experiences as well as teacher ratings. Teachers who are not rated as effective or highly effective are not eligible for a raise.

The contract also includes an increase to the Corporation’s contribution to insurance as well as an increase to the Extra-Curricular Accounts to compensate head coaches as a way to incentivize teachers to serve in that capacity.

The two-year plan will run through June 30th, 2021. It was passed without any opposition.

In addition to the agreement, members also unanimously approved the teacher’s handbook. No major changes were noted.