North Judson Officials Informed about Trails Connecting Small Towns with Business Opportunities

Prairie Trails Club representatives Steve and Kathy Lucas came before the North Judson Town Council this week to share some details from a workshop they attended.

Kathy Lucas noted that the event they went to was held in Portage but they’re being hosted all across the state.

She told members, “Steve and I attended a workshop this week about trail towns and how you can bring people off of the trails to come to the businesses in town. They had a lot of really good suggestions.”

She added that they’ve been discussing the possibility of forming a group within the area to help bring in businesses.

She stated that the examples used during the workshop referenced small towns that had success with implementing things that to helped them with becoming a destination.  

She noted that the effort is sponsored through Indiana Greenways Foundation and left an informational flier with Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe.