North Judson-San Pierre Bus Garage Project Planned to Occur Ahead of Schedule

North Judson-San Pierre School Board members provided approval for the proposed bus garage project to proceed ahead of schedule.

Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin informed members last Tuesday that while the project was originally going to be tackled at the same time as renovations to the Elementary School, funding is available to take care of the bus garage project sooner.

She noted, “We have the funds remaining from our last project and we also have funds that we have not needed in the GO bond so because of this, we’re able to start this project this spring.”

Dr. Zupin explained that as a part of the project, a new structure will be placed across the street from the current garage.

She shared, “Basically, for a lack of a better word, I’d call it a pole barn. It would have a couple of hydraulic lifts and the goal is to be able to have two buses being able to drive all the way through, kind of an in and out.”

She provided members with a brief overview of what the next few months will entail.

Zupin said, “The first steps this winter will probably be getting the scope of work and the surveying done of course breaking ground wouldn’t be until this spring.

Dr. Zupin stated that the existing garage is in good enough condition to be utilized for storage. It will house files and equipment as well as other items. 

She elaborated, “Some of the vehicles can be stored over there too, the truck, the van, things like that.” Board member Jim Menis added, “It would be nice to put that snow plow in there so that when it does snow you can get it out and it works so much nicer.”

Dr. Zupin said that for this project, they’ll be working with the firm Fanning Howey once again.