North Judson Utility Crews Begin Leaf Pick-Up on As Needed Basis

With trees starting to shed their leaves more frequently as it transitions from fall to winter, utility crews are now conducting leaf pick-up in the Town of North Judson.

During his report Monday night, Town Superintendent Joe Leszek informed Council members that leaf collection began on Friday and so far, crews have been making rounds on an as-needed basis.

Council President John Rowe asked what should be done if a specific area of town needs to be addressed. Superintendent Leszek recommended contacting Billing Clerk Jennifer Vanek at North Judson Town Hall.

Leszek shared, “Let her know and she’ll relay the message to us and then, we’ve been kind of keeping an eye on it as we go out and do our daily stuff.”

He continued, “We’re not going to go out for one or two piles but as soon as there are 10 or 12 piles out there throughout the Town then we’ll go out and make a pass.”

Just as it’s been done in past years, people should place leaves next to the street in long, narrow rows. Residents are also reminded that their piles should not contain any debris such as sticks or garbage.

In order to reach North Judson Town Hall, call 574-896-3340.