Pulaski County Plan Commission to Hold Hearing over Solar Regulation Updates

Updated solar farm regulations will be up for public comment during tonight’s Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission meeting.

County officials have heard from multiple companies who want to put solar panels in Pulaski County, but first, they have to have the proper rules in place.

Under the proposed changes, solar farm development would be prohibited in residential and commercial zones. It would be allowed in agricultural zones with a special exception and in planned unit developments. However, small-scale personal solar panels would be allowed in most areas, under certain conditions.

The updates also outline the minimum setbacks, construction standards, and the various agreements and documents required for the application process. Changes to the county’s fee schedule are also proposed.

Tonight’s Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission meeting starts at 7:00 EST in the Pulaski County Highway Garage, following the board of zoning appeals meeting at 6:00.