Starke County Awarded $60,000 Justice Partners Addictions Response Grant

Individuals involved in Starke County’s criminal Justice System will now have increased access to available treatment services and resources thanks to a $60,000 grant that was recently awarded by the Indiana Office of Court Services.

Director of Starke County Court Services R. Shawn Mattraw reports that the Justice Partners Addictions Response Grant will subsidize personnel expenses as well as other expenses related to equipment, drug-testing supplies, and incentives that are aimed at reducing recidivism.

He added that Starke County will have the opportunity to renew the grant for a second consecutive year, which would equate to an additional $60,000, contingent upon compliance with reporting requirements, grant guideline and the submission of quarterly budgets.

According in information supplied by Director Mattraw, the grant project was developed with the input and collective assistance of Starke Circuit Court, Porter-Starke Services and HealthLinc, as well as Starke County’s Sheriff Department, Prosecuting Attorney, Community Corrections and Probation Office.

He noted Starke County Court Services Probation Officer Jaclyn Cales coordinated the development and implementation of the grant committee which was instrumental when it came to securing the grant funding.

The multi-disciplinary team of County officials collaborated and identified the prominent needs of the residents of Starke County, utilizing the sequential intercept model.

The intercept model emphasizes finding alternatives to incarceration at various stages of the criminal justice process.

It is widely accepted and is being utilized in neighboring communities such as Marshall and Pulaski Counties. Officials in both counties also recently touched on benefiting from the JPAR Grant.