Winamac Town Marshal Highlights Inter-Departmental Collaboration with Training Opportunity

The Winamac Police Department and surrounding agencies will be brushing up on some skills with a training session that’s being hosted this today, Thursday and Friday, according to Town Marshal Mark Hoffman.

He explained, “This week we’re also doing F.A.T.S training which is a Fire Arms Training Simulator. What it does is projects different scenarios and you react according to what you feel and it tracks where your shots go they can put you in scenarios where it’s a ‘shoot don’t shoot’ situation so it’s good extra training.”

Hoffman informed council members Monday night that all mandated training has been completed, so this is just an additional exercise.

He also noted that officers from the surrounding area have been invited as well such as the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and the North Judson, Monticello and Brookston Police as well as other local departments.