Hamlet Police Issue Warnings for Abandoned Vehicles

The Hamlet Police Department is cracking down on abandoned vehicles and similar violations. Town Marshal Clint Norem told the town council last week that officers recently issued eight or nine warnings, and all but one of the individuals have since taken care of the issue.

“He is making an attempt, but there’s some other logistics that’s making that kind of hard for him, so I’m trying to work with him,” Norem added. “He is willing to do it. It’s just, he’s got to get the means to do it.” Norem said police will start another round of enforcement soon.

He also told council members that the department continues to experience issues with one of its vehicles. “We got it back,” Norem explained. “They replaced the parts under the warranty. A mechanic said that they noticed another noise in the motor, so they need to do some more investigation on that, and when we got it back, there’s some issues: brackets, oil leaks. So it went back to the shop today, and I’ll be in touch with them.”

Norem added that, while the local dealership has been helpful, the Ford Motor Company has apparently added more stipulations to its warranty process.