Hamlet to Research Cost of Extending Water Line

The Town of Hamlet may be looking to extend its water lines. During last week’s town council meeting, Council Member Brian Earnest said a resident in the East Hamlet area has expressed interest in hooking up to Hamlet’s water system.

“[Street Superintendent] Kevin [Leinbach] was going to go out and see the distance and kind of get an overall idea – I know it would be an expensive project – but if it’d be even worthwhile in doing it, if we pick up enough residents that wanted to,” Earnest said.

Council President Dave Kesvormas felt that if the town were to go through the process of borrowing money, getting grants, and digging up land, it would also make sense to extend the sewer, if residents are interested. But he pointed out that the estimated cost of the sewer extension was expensive, when town officials researched it in the past. “I don’t want to say we’re going to do this for two residents and then everybody else down there is in here fuming, saying, ‘You can’t make me tie up to that sewer’ and be pretty hot about it because that’s an obligation to them,” Kesvormas said.

Earnest added that the town could send out a letter to gauge interest.

Kesvormas also gave an update last week on some potential business development. “I had that contact that we discussed regarding a business, a major chain business,” he said. “I don’t have any other details, but I should have something, hopefully, before the end of February on that one. On the one that I talked to; I don’t know about the other one that was out there.”

Kesvormas has previously said that uncertainty over future access to U.S. 30 has made it hard to attract major chain businesses.