Knox Residents are Encouraged to Bring Ideas and Input to Tonight’s Public Forum

Knox residents are invited to help shape the City’s future by participating in a public forum at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center tonight at 6 p.m.

Back in October, City officials entered into an agreement Ball State University in order to obtain a revitalization plan that will include designs for a proposed downtown façade program.

Today, students and staff from the university’s Department of Urban Planning and Community Based Projects will be assessing downtown spaces and touring the entire City in order to familiarize themselves with the area prior to tonight’s public forum.

The purpose of this forum will be to inform people about the process and gather input that will be incorporated into the plan.

When the City Council met for their first meeting in December, they heard from Project Director and Coordinator Professor Michael Burayidi.

He emphasized that the planning process benefits when there is a lot of participation from various residents. He added that it’s especially important to hear from the business owners who would be interested in benefiting from the proposed 80/20 façade grant program as well as other community stakeholders.

If you have any questions prior to tonight’s forum, contact the Mayor’s Office at 574-772-4553.