Knox Street Superintendent Shares Leaf and Brush Collection Data with Board of Works

Knox Street Superintendent Jeff Borg recently informed Board of Works members about an annual report he’s required to put together.

He explained that the report is related to the composting facility that is stationed behind Knox City Hall and provided members with some figures about the material that was hauled out last year.

He stated, “Yearly loads of brush that we hauled out in the year 2019: 297 dump truck loads; 135 dump truck loads of leaves and that’s not including our vacuumed leaves.

Borg shared that a total of 247 loads, which is around 206.46 tons of leaves, were vacuumed last year.

He also noted that the 135 loads of leaves that he mentioned as separate from the vacuumed ones equated to 101.25 tons and the 297 loads of collected brush would be equal to 267 tons of material.