Multiple Residents Assisted with Recovery Process Thanks to Starke County Mobile Response Team

The Starke County Commissioners were provided with an update about the Mobile Response Team when they met for their first meeting of 2020.

Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary provided Commissioners with a snapshot of how the program is faring so far.

He shared, “It’s been working out great with HealthLinc and the Sheriff’s Department. We’ve sent in over 15 referrals and three to four people have been able to get help.”

Clary went on to provide some additional information about what happens after the individual is revived.

He explained, “It’s a pretty neat process. After we see them, they take them directly to an in-patient facility, typically. Health Linc representatives were even there to get these people insurance and get them on their way. So far it seems to be working out great.”

As was previously reported, the concept of providing additional assistance to individuals who experience an opioid overdose was initially discussed with Commissioners back in August.

The team, which consists of a police officer, a paramedic/EMT and a recovery specialist, was in full operation by mid-October. Those individuals are compensated with grant funds that were received by HealthLinc.