New Pulaski County Coroner Interviewing Candidates for Chief Deputy Position

Pulaski County Coroner Jon Frain

Pulaski County’s new coroner is settling into the job. Jon Frain took over the position January 1, following the retirement of John Behny.

Frain told the county commissioners Monday that he’s currently interviewing candidates to fill his old position of chief deputy. “Mr. Behny is going to stay on as chief deputy for interim, for about three months, until I get somebody,” Frain explained. “Training is in February, and I have to get people sent to state coroner’s training, so Mr. Behny’s going to help me through that time period.”

He said he also has some people interested in serving as alternate deputies, including some who’ve previously served in that capacity. “We’ve got a lot of potential, working with all those people to get the right fit,” Frain added.

Frain told the commissioners that he’ll have a few items to bring to them in the coming months to make sure everything is in good order, including the Coroner’s Office’s job descriptions. He thanked the commissioners for their support over the past few years and offered to give them periodic updates.