SC Highway Superintendent Updates Commissioners On Proposed Community Crossings Projects

The next round of applications for the Community Crossings Matching Grant opened on Monday and the Starke County Highway Department intends to apply for a few different projects.

Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler informed commissioners about the proposed projects Monday evening.

He explained, “We’ll be submitting two projects for that consideration. One is 250 N. from 35 to Range Road, that goes to the Starke County Co-Op and the other one is Range Road from 10 to Toto, basically Bailey’s to Toto. Both those roads are heavily traveled.”

Ritzler let the Commissioners know that the maximum amount that can be awarded for the 2020 calendar year is $1 Million. He also alerted them that the second round for the grant will begin in July.

If the County receives anything less than a million dollars during the first round then they’ll be able to apply again, otherwise they will not be eligible.