SC Commissioners Approve New Part-Time Pay Policy for Sheriff’s Department

The Starke County Commissioners considered an updated part-time pay policy for the Sheriff’s Department when they met Monday night.

Office Manager Pam McDonald noted that Jail Commander Nathan Caudill wrote up the new policy and described what it entails.

She explained, “We did a raise with the part-time employees but we wanted to add a tier in there so that way we didn’t just start them out at the max. We wanted to start them out at the lower wages and then give them an incentive.”

According to the policy, the part-time office pay scale has three phases. Part-time employee’s starting wage is in phase one and it is $12.76 per hour.

After an employee has worked for sixty days they will have an internal review to deem if they have progressed as an employee to be moved to phase two. Phase two pay is $13.52 per hour.

After another 60 days as a part-time employee for the Starke County Sheriff’s Department, individuals will receive another internal review to see if they have progressed enough to be moved to phase three. Phase three pay is $14.28 per hour.

The policy notes that part-time employees at phase three will have an internal review every calendar year.

The commissioners unanimously approved the new policy. It will now go before the Starke County Council for consideration.