Winamac Town Council Opens Bids for Community Crossings Projects

The Winamac Town Council opened bids for Community Crossings Projects when members met for their first meeting of 2020.

When the Town applied in the most recent grant round, they were awarded more than $151,000 to complete some roadway improvements.

The areas where work will be conducted include 12th street from Market to Hathaway, Agnew Street from 17th to 13th, Jefferson Street from Franklin to West and Market Street from Washington to SR 35 in addition to Northwest Street from Summit to Madison, Ontario and Plymouth Streets from Market to US 35 as well as South Street from Franklin to West.

The engineer’s estimate for all that work was $201,708.50. The Town has been working with the firm AME Consulting on the process thus far.

Three bids were submitted for consideration; Central Paving offered a base bid of $195,319.65, Town and Country submitted a bid of $233,026.30 and E&B Paving’s total bid was $257,800.05.

The bids will be taken under advisement by Town Manager Brad Zellers who said he will coordinate with the engineers to ensure all bid specifications were met. A recommendation will be presented to Town Council members in a future meeting.