Winamac Town Council Reviews Quotes for Police Vehicles

The Winamac Police Department is scheduled to add a vehicle to their fleet in 2020 so Town Council members reviewed a few different quotes when members met on Monday.

According to draft minutes from the meeting, quotes for a 6-cylinder Ford Explorer were presented in addition to a quote for a Durango.

One quote for the Ford Explorer came in at $36,607 and the minutes also note that a road-ready package is available at a cost of $3,595. The other quote was for a Ford Explorer, 6-cylinder with eco-boost. The quote came in at $40,549 and the road ready package was included.

The quote for the Durango came in at $31,269 unequipped and an additional $7,200 would be needed for equipment.  

Town Council President Tom Murray mentioned that he’d like to see a quote for a pick-up truck and Councilwoman Judy Heater agreed so at least one more additional quote will be obtained.

The matter may be readdressed when members meet next on Monday, January 13th.