Culver School Board Agrees to Let Trinity Lutheran Church Use Special Purpose Bus

The Culver School Board has agreed to let a local church use one of the school corporation’s special purpose buses. Superintendent Karen Shuman told board members Monday that Trinity Lutheran Church wants to use a bus to transport individuals from Miller’s Merry Manor.

“So this would be every Sunday for them to go to Merry Manor to pick up two people that are wheelchair-bound using our bus and then take them to church here just two blocks away and then take them back,” Shuman explained.

Shuman said she talked to the school corporation’s insurance carrier, and so far, he doesn’t see any issue, “As long as it’s the same driver, the same bus, and that they have the bus back in the condition that it was given to them, for routes that are done on Monday.”

She stressed that the arrangement would only be allowed if the church meets the insurance requirements and other conditions.