Knox School Board Accepts $1,000 from Community Foundation for Redskins Closet

The Redskins Closet is becoming a valuable resource for Knox students, thanks to growing support from the community. The program was begun by Knox Middle School students as a way to make sure their classmates have access to toiletries, clothing, and other necessities.

Knox School Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart told the school board Monday that the Redskins Closet has been a positive thing for the community. “Recently, we just had a fire with one of our families in the Knox community, and the Redskin Closet came in very handy for distributing clothes to the three children – I believe there were three, a middle school and two elementary students,” Reichhart said.

During Monday’s meeting, the school board accepted $1,000 in funding for the Redskins Closet from the Starke County Community Foundation. Reichhart said the program’s resources remain available to students, even while school is closed.

Board members also accepted the annual payout from the Knox Community School Corporation Student Scholarship/Presentation Fund at the community foundation. “This is probably the highest it’s been in a number of years, simply because of the market going up, which it won’t be much next year if this continues the way it is,” Reichhart said. “But we thank the community foundation for the donation.”

This year, the fund provided $4,015 that may be used to bring in speakers or program presenters or to provide scholarships to students.