Knox Resident Reports Purse, Car Stolen

police badge

Sandy Hansen of Knox is missing her purse…and her car.

According to police documents, on Tuesday, March 1st, Sandy left her purse under the front desk in the Starke County Abstract office in downtown Knox and she went on break between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. When she returned, her purse was gone. She searched the office and could not find her purse. She called police to report the theft.

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Hanna Mlekodaj, Starke County’s ‘Bowling Queen’, to be Featured on the ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program Friday

(L to R) Hanna Mlekodaj, Carol Johnson, Kay Jaskowiak, Sandra (Johnson) Hansen, Marcella Hauser

We call her the “Starke County Bowling Queen.” This week on “Ted Hayes Remembers”, Hanna Mlekodaj’s bowling career that spanned six decades will be featured.

Beginning at the Zingarelli Lanes and ending at Bowlaway Lanes, Hanna was a promoter of women’s bowling during the glory years of the sport in Starke County.

“Marcella Hauser, Carol Johnson who was Sandy Hansen’s mother, June Cruce and Martha Desmond are some of the first bowlers,” said Hanna of her team in 1950.

Hanna was always passionate about getting teams to go to the State Bowling Tournament. She got 37 teams to go one year.

“The State Tournament was in Indianapolis and I had always made all of the arrangements for applications and sent in the money, made the date and everything,” she said. “They decided that we would stay at a certain hotel. 37 teams were going down together so I went into the hotel at the Heartland Inn and told the desk clerk that I needed to make a reservation for 37 rooms. She looked at me kind of surprised and she said, ‘Let me get the manager’. She got the manager and she made arrangements for the 37 teams and gave our team a suite!”

But the next day they went to the 40 lane bowling alley to bowl and they thought the entire city was in attendance.

“The team lines up on the lane and they call off the name of the team and where they’re from,” she explained. “Naturally, we started out with lane one and all the way up to lane 37 and it was Knox, Knox, Knox. Somebody hollered out, ‘Is there anybody left in Knox?’ ‘Yes’ we said. ‘Our husbands!'”

Hanna Mlekodaj, Starke County’s Bowling Queen. She will be Ted’s guest on the ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ program Friday at 12:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Mother of State Representative Tom Dermody Dies

Jessie Dermody

The mother of Republican District 20 State Representative Thomas Demody, of LaPorte, passed away Tuesday, March 1st. Visitation is today at the Essling Funeral Home in LaPorte from 3:00-8:00 p.m. CT, and Friday from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. CT. Services for Jessie Dermody will be Friday at 10:00 a.m. CT at St. Peter Catholic Church.

Dermody represents LaPorte County and a portion of Pulaski County in our listening area.

Elkhart Semi-State

Culver Student Section.

Team Breakdown
Culver's Seniors
McBee goes for the opening tip

The greatest season in Culver Community High School history came to an end at the Elkhart Semi-State losing to Fort Wayne Bishop Luers 47-43. The Lady Cavs went punch for punch with the Lady Knights, but couldn’t get over the hump as their season came to an end with a record of 25-2.