Culver Community Schools Survey Shows Support for Sticking with Balanced Calendar

A recent survey by the Culver Community Schools Corporation shows continuing support for the balanced calendar concept. “There were 190 responses about whether we should continue with the balanced calendar or go back to a traditional calendar,” Superintendent Karen Shuman says, “and the majority are supporting the balanced calendar.”

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Culver Community Schools to Seek Input on 2019-2020 School Calendar

The Culver Community Schools Corporation is asking for input on next year’s school calendar. “There’s going to be a survey that’s going to go out next week,” Superintendent Karen Shuman says, “to make sure that we get community and parent input on our school calendar for the ’19-’20 school year.” She says school officials don’t have any specific changes in mind yet, but instead would like to make a decision based on the data received from the survey.

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Oregon-Davis Seeks Input on Changes to School Calendar, Start Times

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation is considering changes to its school calendar. Oregon-Davis is in its second year of using the balanced calendar, but now the corporation says it’s researching various options. A range of factors are being considered, including the Starke County 4-H fair, high-stakes testing, and the overall “academic and social growth of all Oregon-Davis students.” Continue reading

Culver School Board Considers Removing Spring Intercession

Front L-R: Dr. Vicki McGuire, Marina Cavazos Back L-R: William J. Sonnemaker, Mark Maes, Ryan Sieber, Ken Vandeputte, Jack Jones, Jim Wentzel
Front L-R: Dr. Vicki McGuire, Marina Cavazos
Back L-R: William J. Sonnemaker, Mark Maes, Ryan Sieber, Ken Vandeputte, Jack Jones, Jim Wentzel

Budget issues have forced the Culver School Board to consider removing the April intercession period from the school calendar. It’s a one-week period immediately following spring break in which students who are struggling with certain classes can work to improve their grades. Continue reading

Knox Community School Board Approves School Calendar

CalendarThe 2015-2016 Knox Community School Corporation balanced calendar was approved by the School Board this week.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, Aug. 4. The last student day will be June 1. Commencement is scheduled for June 10.

The new calendar includes a number of extended vacation periods. The first occurs in October, fall break, from the 19th to the 23rd. A three-day Thanksgiving break is scheduled November 25-27.

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North Judson-San Pierre School Board to Discuss Balanced Calendar

TCalendarhe North Judson-San Pierre School Board will discuss several items tonight when they meet in the central office at 7 p.m. CT.

The balanced calendar will be discussed. Superintendent Lynn Johnson has previously stated that the calendars need to be similar with Knox and Oregon-Davis to accommodate students in the JESSE and vocational cooperative programs. Corporations normally adopt school calendars by January and the school board could adopt a calendar tonight.

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