Eastern Pulaski School Board Closes Out 2015, Prepares for Coming Years


The Eastern Pulaski School Board took some steps Monday to wrap up 2015 and get ready for the coming years. They approved the final fund transfers and claim payments to close out the 2015 budget and approved the school calendars for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

Superintendent Dan Foster says there were no major changes, but there was some discussion about adopting a true balanced calendar and a week-long fall break. “We decided not to go the direction of a true balanced calendar, mostly because we still have pretty good ties with Logansport,” Foster says. “We have some special education students that we actually take to Logansport Schools, and our Career Center students also attend Logansport Schools. So our calendars are not exact, but we keep them fairly close to what Logansport does.”

Additionally, no comments were offered during a public hearing held before the regular meeting on the proposed superintendent’s contract. Foster says the school board will meet again Monday to decide whether to give his contract their final approval. Following that meeting, board members will have the chance to tour the school buildings to take a look at some of the renovations that have taken place in the classrooms.