Pulaski County Officials Consider Architect, Financial Advisor, Bond Counsel for Courthouse Project

Pulaski County officials are planning their next steps, when it comes to the renovation of the courthouse and expansion of the Justice Center. During a joint session with the county council Monday, the commissioners agreed to ask Rowland Design for a quote for final design work, since the company already did the preliminary plans.

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Repairs Planned for Parking Lot at Pulaski County Public Library, Annex Building

Repairs will soon be coming to the parking lot between the Pulaski County Public Library and the County Annex Building in Winamac. Library Executive Director MacKenzie Ledley told the county commissioners last week that the library has money from its recent bond issuance to crack seal the entire parking lot, including the portion owned by the county.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Gets Tour of Facilities Needs

Head of Maintenance Scott Taylor and Superintendent Dr. Don Harman discuss facilities needs at Oregon-Davis Elementary School Wednesday.

Upgraded heating and cooling systems, a new secure entrance, and some athletic facility improvements are some of the needs that the Oregon-Davis School Corporation will have to address in the coming years. Superintendent Dr. Don Harman and Head of Maintenance Scott Taylor led the school board on a facilities tour Wednesday.

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Knox Clerk-Treasurer Learns that the School’s Bond Will Not Have Negative Impact on Tax Caps

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston told city council members of a potential impact Knox Community School’s bond pursuance may have on the city’s budget.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Houston told members he was under the impression the school’s bond may affect the city’s circuit breaker tax caps but he wasn’t sure about how much of an impact it would have.

He explained that the Knox School Corporation has recently been going through a process similar to what the city did when they took on community center renovations where a bond is set up through a separate building corporation that then leases the building back to the entity. Continue reading

Eastern Pulaski Schools Anticipate Savings Through Bond Refinancing


During the Eastern Pulaski School Board meeting Monday evening, the board decided without any opposition to refinance the school’s pension bonds. Back in 2006, the state allowed schools to take out bonds to pay off their pension obligations, that money still needs to be repaid. With this resolution, the school will be taking advantage of lower interest rates to reduce the cost and still pay the bonds off in the same amount of time. Continue reading

Culver Turns to Water Project Funding

culver town hall

Bids have been awarded, but now the Town of Culver is focusing on just how to fund upgrades to their water treatment facility.

The Culver Town Council has set a special meeting for June 2nd to adopt an ordinance allowing bonds to be issued to fund the $1.7-million. A separate ordinance specifying new rates for water consumption will also be introduced at the June 2nd meeting. The water rate ordinance will likely be adopted in mid-June.
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