Culver Town Council Updated on Proposed East Shore Conservancy District

The Culver Town Council members were updated on the process of implementing an East Shore Conservancy District.

Work toward the establishment of the East Shore Conservancy District began in August when the East Shore Corporation’s wetland disbursement system failed north of 18th Road.  The East Shore Corporation is currently pumping and hauling waste, at their own expense, that is being treated in the town’s wastewater system.

The petition to establish the Conservancy District will be before the Department of Natural Resources on Dec. 10. 

Town Attorney Jim Clevenger said a Memorandum of Understanding between the town and the East Shore Corporation is still pending concerning the idea of running a force main and connecting to the town’s wastewater system.  It would also show that there is an agreement that the town would treat the sewage coming into the plant. 

Clevenger added that once that MOU is presented, then the town could present a position concerning the petition to show that the town would be willing to enter into a contract. 

The council members approved a motion indicating that they’d wait to determine if they would present a position until the next meeting.  Councilman Bill Cleavenger opposed the motion stating later that he wants the process to move forward at a quicker pace and not delay it. 

In the meantime, a committee has hired Jeff Rowe from Baker Tilly to work on preliminary figures on project costs.