Local Music Group Receives Grant

REMC Representative:Amanda Steeb, Director:Susie Szynalski, Treasurer: Joan Stepien and President: Pat Vanek
REMC Representative Amanda Steeb presenting  Director Susie Szynalski, Treasurer Joan Stepien and President Pat Vanek of the Choralaires with the grant

If you hear music in the air, it could be coming from the Choralaires. The Starke County Choralaires are a chorus group that is a part of Melody Makers of Indiana. The Melody Makers of Indiana is the only chorus of it’s kind in the United States.
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Knox Elementary Programs Scheduled this Week

Pam Pavey and granddaughter Kaiya Wagoner after the 4th grade program Tuesday night. Kaiya is a 4th grade student in Mrs. Davis' class.

Hundreds of proud parents and grandparents are attending the school Christmas programs in our area. In Knox, elementary students from the grades have their special night to perform before an appreciative audience. The elementary music directors are Gary Kuechenberg and Lisa Guzman. Providing art work for the programs are students under the direction of Art Director, Derek Eveland.

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