Local Music Group Receives Grant

REMC Representative:Amanda Steeb, Director:Susie Szynalski, Treasurer: Joan Stepien and President: Pat Vanek
REMC Representative Amanda Steeb presenting  Director Susie Szynalski, Treasurer Joan Stepien and President Pat Vanek of the Choralaires with the grant

If you hear music in the air, it could be coming from the Choralaires. The Starke County Choralaires are a chorus group that is a part of Melody Makers of Indiana. The Melody Makers of Indiana is the only chorus of it’s kind in the United States.
The unique organization is made up of more than 350 musical women from all across the Hoosier state. Recently the Choralaires were awarded a grant from Kankakee REMC Operation Round Up. The ladies were thrilled to receive the grant and plan to use the money towards purchasing music and transportation fees.

The Choralaires have seen their fair share of road and plan to venture further according to director Susie Szynalski.

“They have different things during the year that we can go to like August 8th a couple of us are going to sing at State Fair. Usually about around 150 to 200 of us go there in the family arts building. Three years ago we went to Savannah, they opened three shows at Branson last year and next year we’re going on a Caribbean cruise. They offer this to everybody in the state, we have to pay our own expenses. Usually we’ll have 60 to 70 going to special events like that. People from all over the state get together and do that so there’s a lot of opportunities to do other things besides stay in the county.”

The Choralaires are always searching to add new voices. Anyone of any age who loves to sing is welcome to join. There is no audition required to become a member, and the new season begins in August after the State Fair.
At the beginning of the season the ladies receive 12 pieces of music that they practice throughout the year. During the summer they practice in the basement of St. Thomas Catholic Church every Tuesday from 2:30 until 4 p.m. Every June all the various groups from across the state meet at Purdue to sing all the pieces together.

For more information contact director Susie Szynalski at 574-772-4707,the treasurer Joan Stepien at 574-772-3745 or the president Pat Vanek at 574-896-2050.