Local Veteran Receives Assistance from Knox VFW

A local veteran is expressing his gratitude to the Knox VFW for assisting him as he recovers from a stroke.

Robert Gonzalez is a Knox resident who reported that a stroke left him utilizing a wheelchair for the time being and it has limited his ability to venture outside his home.

Chris Kisela, a representative of VFW Post 748, stated that when VFW members met for their monthly meeting on Sunday, April 8th, they approved a request to build ramps at Gonzalez’s residence and contracted the work out to Ron Biddle. Continue reading

Zhart Requests Inmates’ Assistance in Planting Trees

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The Pulaski County Commissioners were approached at their biweekly meeting on April 18 by Fred Zhart with the Winamac Tree Committee. Zhart requested approval of the use of inmates to help him dig holes to plant 28 trees this weekend.

Zhart told the commissioners that he has enlisted the assistance of inmates before, and he reminded them that he did not allow smoking or contact with other people while the inmates were assisting him. Zhart went on to say that inmates were not only grateful to get out and work, but when the returned to work they are much easier to manage.

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