Lt. Governor Discusses Suspension of Stellar Communities Program

While Constellation of Starke’s hopes for a Stellar designation will have to wait a year, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch is optimistic that regional collaboration will continue. The designation would make Starke County and its communities eligible for millions of dollars in funding. The region was a finalist last year and was working on plans to reapply, when the program was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Response Could Impact Revenues for City of Knox

The response to COVID-19 will mean some adjustments for the City of Knox. Mayor Dennis Estok told the city council last week that preliminary reports suggest a decrease in funding for cities, towns, and counties. “The revenue stream is going to be shorted with this, and if you look at it, our [County Economic Development Income Tax] funds, people get laid off, unemployment, that’s where it comes from,” he explained.

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Starke County Residents Share Ideas for Spending Stellar Consolation Money

A county-wide art installation, more amenities at the Starke County Forest, and a relocated shelter at Wythogan Park were a few of the ideas Starke County residents had, when it comes to figuring out how Constellation of Starke should spend its $333,000. That’s the money the region was awarded by the state for being a finalist in last year’s Stellar Communities Designation Program.

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Starke County Could Get Tiny Home Lodging, Farmers Markets under Flipping Finance Pitches

Teams of innovators tried to tackle some of Starke County’s most pressing challenges, as part of the Indiana Bond Bank’s Flipping Finance Challenge. Graduate students, experts in particular fields, and others interested in improving communities gathered in Indianapolis last week for an “18-hour design sprint.” The goal was to try to come up with creative solutions to challenges facing Starke County, Jay County, and the City of Bloomington with the chance of winning prizes.

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Help Bring the Constellation of Starke Creatives’ Network Offline and Into the Community

Increasing the amount of art in Starke County and expanding opportunities for local creative people were a few areas of focus when executive committee members were working on the Constellation of Starke Regional Development Plan.

Community Foundation Director of Development Jessica Martinović shared one of the ways those ideas manifested last year.

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COS Exec Committee Plans Next Steps after Stellar Designation is Awarded to Marshall County Crossroads

The Office of Community and Rural Affairs announced this year’s Regional Stellar Community Thursday morning and Marshall County Crossroads received the distinction.

A Stellar-bration will be held in the region on Thursday, December 19 to celebrate this accomplishment.

While the Constellation of Starke (COS) did not get this year’s designation, as a finalist region about $333,000 will come into the County to support community development.

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