Culver Town Council Agrees to Join HGAC to Purchase Equipment

The Culver Town Council members are moving ahead to join HGAC to get the best prices on equipment. 

The council members voted in favor of a motion to allow Council President Ginny Bess Munroe to sign the papers with the purchasing consortium.  The Culver-Union Township Fire Department is interested in a bid through Rosenbauer, a Minnesota company, for an aerial fire truck. 

HGAC gathers bids from all over the country and then all state and municipal governments can agree to be a part of the consortium to get a state bid on equipment. 

A bid for an aerial fire truck has not been approved at this point.  Fire Chief Terry Wakefield said donations for the truck are still coming in which are appreciated.  The Historical Society will be doing a program on the fire department this summer and it could be an opportunity to help gather funds for the new fire truck. 

More Funds Needed for Culver-Union Township Fire Department Aerial Truck

The Culver-Union Township Fire Department still needs another $100,000 for a new aerial truck. After finalizing specifications, Fire Chief Terry Wakefield says the department has settled on a 101-foot ladder truck. “We thought we wanted a basket,” he told the town council during a work session Tuesday. “We kind of went away from getting a basket. What we did was we came up with a vehicle that fits in our station, that we won’t have to alter the height or width of the doors.”

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Culver Town Council to Get Update Tonight on Efforts to Buy Aerial Fire Truck

Culver officials will meet tonight to discuss plans for the purchase of an aerial fire truck. The Culver-Union Township Fire Department had hoped to raise $200,000 in donations, but only got about $169,000 by the end of the fundraiser in November. Money has continued coming in, though, and Fire Chief Terry Wakefield is expected to give an update to the town council tonight.

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Money Continues Trickling In for Culver Fire Truck Fundraiser

Culver’s fire truck fundraiser may officially be over, but Fire Chief Terry Wakefield says donations continue trickling in. “Money keeps coming in,” he told the town council last week, “and hopefully it still does until we can get a number on this vehicle, to get it pegged down so everybody knows what’s going on.” Wakefield said that process was set to begin last week.

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