Pulaski County Coroner ‘Tickled to Death’ with New Facilities

After months of work, the Pulaski County coroner’s new morgue and office space is fully up and running. Coroner John Behny gave an update to the county council and commissioners last week, saying the facility is proving to be a good thing. “I just scratch my head. That place is amazing,” he said. “From what we started with just a few weeks ago to now, we’re tickled to death, just tickled to death. So is everybody else that has to come in there.”

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Number of Domestic Violence Calls up in Starke County

The number of domestic violence calls to local police departments have slightly increased in the past few months. We asked Ruth Matsey, the President of the Coalition Against Domestic Abuse, what she has been seeing in Starke County.

“What we’re seeing a lot of in Starke County is the form of child abuse which is neglect, whether it’s due to financial circumstances or a lot of times it’s with meth,” said Matsey. “Kids are being left unsupervised, plus they’re around all of the dangerous chemicals.”

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