Number of Domestic Violence Calls up in Starke County

The number of domestic violence calls to local police departments have slightly increased in the past few months. We asked Ruth Matsey, the President of the Coalition Against Domestic Abuse, what she has been seeing in Starke County.

“What we’re seeing a lot of in Starke County is the form of child abuse which is neglect, whether it’s due to financial circumstances or a lot of times it’s with meth,” said Matsey. “Kids are being left unsupervised, plus they’re around all of the dangerous chemicals.”

Mrs. Matsey was asked if there is more abuse reported in Starke County than in other counties

“I don’t think it’s anymore than any place else. I do know that statistics have been stated that there is more abuse where there is a lot of unemployment. People are out of work, they have lost their job for one reason or another. In this economy, we have a lot of unemployed people in Starke County. Just by nature of that fact would make it that we are more at risk here in Starke County for that.”

If you are in an abusive relationship and are seeking help, call the police, or call CADA at 772-3331 or The Caring Place at 772-2222.