Culver Community Schools See Enrollment Growth

Culver Community School Board members received a brief enrollment report from Superintendent Karen Shuman when they met Monday night.

According to the Indiana Department of Education enrollment report, Culver Community Schools had a total enrollment of 840 students in 2016. Shuman shared that after comparing this year’s number to last year’s, she found the school corporation has nine more students in general. Continue reading

North Judson-San Pierre School Board Receives Quarterly Enrollment Report

The quarterly enrollment report for North Judson-San Pierre was discussed during the NJSP School Board meeting on Tuesday. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin said the enrollment stayed pretty consistent with the Average Daily Membership count that was taken back in September, which was around 1,030 students.

Superintendent Zupin stated that she has been keeping a close eye on enrollment trends since last year. This year the elementary school had 46 student withdrawals. Dr. Zupin broke that down into specific categories; 1 student left to be home-schooled, another left for virtual schooling and 35 students moved out of the district.

The superintendent said the remaining 9 elementary students still live within the district but their parents chose to have them transferred. Dr. Zupin broke that down even more, stating that three transferred to Knox, two went to Eastern Pulaski Schools, two left to go to St. Peter’s Lutheran School and one more transferred to West Central.

She went on to describe the report from the Jr./Sr. High School where 41 students withdrew.

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