Donnelly Donates Pay to Ten Indiana Food Banks

Joe Donnelly
Senator Joe Donnelly
Ten food banks across Indiana received a monetary gift from Senator Joe Donnelly on Wednesday.

Donnelly donated his take-home pay for the 16 days of the federal government shutdown to the ten food banks in Indiana. The ten food banks each received a $500 gift from Donnelly.

Senator Donnelly refused to take the salary he received during the shutdown. This action by the federal government had a direct affect on families all over the state as well as businesses and the country’s economy.

The Food Bank of Northern Indiana in South Bend and the Food Finders Food Bank in Lafayette were two of the ten food banks that profited from this action.

1st Source Bank to Provide Aid to Clients During Shutdown

1st Source Bank this week announced plans to provide aid to clients affected by the government shutdown. The standoff in Congress has caused federal government employees to not be paid if they are considered “non-essential,” and businesses are also impacted if their government contracts are in limbo or if payment is not being made for work that has been completed or is in process. This lack of pay could cause hardship to the bank’s clients who are tied to the federal government.

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County Government Not Affected By Shutdown, Says Norem

Starke County Commissioner Kathy Norem
Starke County Commissioner Kathy Norem
With the federal government still shut down and going on day seven, there is some concern that the shutdown at the federal level will have affects locally in the county, but commissioner Kathy Norem told WKVI that they are currently seeing no impact from the shutdown and don’t expect any problems if it does continue.

Norem said the county mostly receives funds from property taxes, and that stream of revenue has not been interrupted.

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Indiana Bankers Association Assuages Banking Concerns During Federal Shutdown

With the federal government “shut down” for an undetermined amount of time, consumers are likely to have concerns about access to their money and other banking services. To assuage those concerns, the Indiana Bankers Association assures clients that bank deposits are safe and banks will continue to operate during normal business hours. ATMs are still open, and deposits remain insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to $250,000. According to an IBA press release, this insurance is unaffected by the shutdown because it is paid for by banks, not taxpayer money.

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