Winamac Park Board Looking to Move Forward with Grant-Funded Park Upgrades

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

As the Winamac Park Board prepares to rebuild the restrooms in the Town Park, the completion of the grant paperwork also means that several smaller projects will be able to move ahead. Last year, the park board was awarded a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant.

In addition to the restrooms, it also included funding for new equipment for the toddler playground, a permanent cornhole court, frisbee golf equipment, new basketball backboards, and a new bench. But the federal government shutdown meant that grant funding wasn’t finalized until recently.

During last week’s meeting, park board member and town manager Brad Zellers felt that with the grant officially in place, the upgrades could realistically begin at any time. Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo asked if the plan was to bid each item separately or together, noting that it would be nice to have the same company do all the work.

But it’s been such a long time since the park board turned in the grant application, the members first wanted to go back and look at what they put in it, since town employees’ labor had been included as part of local match for at least some of the projects.