Indiana National Guard, State Police Ready to Respond to Potential Violence

Governor Holcomb addresses the weekend’s violence during a press conference Monday.

State officials are outlining their response to this weekend’s violence. In a press conference Monday, Governor Holcomb said protests started out as an “understandable and needed” response to the death of George Floyd, but took on a tone of organized crime.

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Indiana State Police Hand Out Face Masks to Truck Drivers

Indiana State Police photo

Truck drivers continuing to make their deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic were able to get some protective equipment, with some help from Indiana State Police. Master Trooper Jim Strong and Sgt. Dale Turner passed out 1,000 face masks Friday at the I-94 rest park in LaPorte County, with help from Darin Jones with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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Pulaski County Sheriff Gives More Details About ‘Suspicious Device’ Discovery

More details about the suspicious device that led to the evacuation of two of Pulaski County’s government buildings Friday were shared during Monday’s county council meeting. Sheriff Jeff Richwine said the object was found by maintenance staff as they were emptying the trash bin in the southeast restroom in the courthouse basement.

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