Group of Starke County Justice Center Trustees to Begin Welding Program Today

Starting today, a handful of Starke County Justice Center trustees will be attending 12 weeks of welding training, with the opportunity to receive certification.

Program officials who were interviewed about this opportunity indicated that the training is being offered to not only give offenders a chance to prove their commitment to recovery and rehabilitation, but to also benefit the community.

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Earl Beem Jr. Sentenced to Two Amended Counts Following Guilty Pleas in Starke Circuit Court

On Monday, November 20th 35-year-old Earl Beem, Jr. appeared in Starke Circuit Court where he pleaded guilty to two counts; Amended Count I: Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Methamphetamine and Amended Count II: Conspiracy to Commit Trafficking with an Inmate.

The individuals who were also in court for the case were the defendant’s attorney Nathan Pearson, Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Mary Ryan, Honorable Judge Kim Hall, as well as the Deputy Sheriff and the Court Reporter. According to a plea and sentencing order provided by Court Reporter Delainah Hewlett, prior to the defendant’s plea, The Court discussed the specifics of the plea agreement and the defendant’s rights. Continue reading

Court Rejects Plea Agreement

Defendant Jason Cooke appeared in Starke Circuit Court last week for a plea agreement and sentencing hearing, but Judge Kim Hall rejected the proposed agreement between Cooke and the State.

Cooke was arrested in October 2015 in an alleged robbery and beating of Sescoe Wireman of Knox at a home in the 100 block of East 500 South in Knox. Cooke is accused of hitting Wireman in the head and taking money, prescription medication, an Indiana ID card, and multiple credit cards from him. Wireman died following the alleged incident.

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Slusser Pleads Guilty During Trial

The defendant in a trial in Starke Circuit Court pleaded guilty during the final witness’s testimony Thursday afternoon.

Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff said Rodney Slusser pleaded guilty to charges of attempted battery with a deadly weapon as a Level 5 felony and criminal mischief as a Class B misdemeanor. With his guilty plea, Bourff moved to dismiss the other counts in the case which include another felony count of attempted battery with a deadly weapon, two counts of resisting law enforcement, and a misdemeanor count of reckless driving.

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Railroad Township Fire Protection Contract Gets Temporary Extension, Following Court Hearing


The San Pierre Volunteer Fire Department will continue providing fire protection to Railroad Township for another month, following an emergency hearing in Starke Circuit Court Friday. It ended with both parties reaching an agreement to continue fire protection under the terms of the township’s current contract with the fire department until January 30. However, Fire Chief Joe Kryzyzanowski will temporarily step down during that time, with Assistant Chief Mike Korous taking over in an interim capacity. Continue reading

Robert Corbin Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court

Robert "Ryan" Corbin
Robert “Ryan” Corbin

Robert Corbin was sentenced in Starke Circuit Court Thursday afternoon.

Corbin pleaded guilty to child seduction as a Class C felony in a previous court setting. Judge Kim Hall accepted the plea agreement that called for a seven-year sentence in the Indiana Department of Corrections. His sentence was broken into three components: 28 months will be served in the Indiana Department of Corrections, 28 months will be served on home detention with electronic monitoring and 28-months was suspended to be served on probation. By pleading guilty, all other counts against Corbin were dropped.

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