First Day of Filing Ends with Three Candidates for Knox Offices

Three Democrats filed to run for office in the City of Knox on the first day of filing Wednesday. Mayor Dennis Estok and District 3 City Council Member Jeff V. Berg both filed for reelection, according to the Starke County Clerk’s Office, while Colleen A. Hodge filed to run for clerk-treasurer. Incumbent Jeff Houston is not seeking another term.

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Knox Officials Seek Two More Eye Sores to Demolish with Remaining Blight Elimination Funds

With money remaining from the Blight Elimination Grant, Knox officials are looking for a few more eye sores to get rid of within the city limits.

In his report during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston stated that about $36,000 is left over from that grant.

Mayor Dennis Estok added that they can afford to eliminate two more structures and encouraged anyone who owns a blighted or abandoned building to contact his office as soon as possible. Continue reading

Knox City Council Authorizes Housing Rehabilitation Grant Application to be Submitted

A resolution authorizing a grant to be submitted to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority was approved by Knox City Council members Tuesday night.

Mayor Dennis Estok explained that officials will be applying for an owner-occupied housing rehabilitation grant that is geared toward helping low and moderate income individuals as well as those with disabilities.

Mayor Estok indicated that the funding would help offset the cost of various rehabilitation projects including those that have to do with electricity, plumbing or roof work. Continue reading

Holiday Essay Contest Winners will Play a Part in Knox’s Christmas Festivities Later this Month

Several talented student writers from the Knox Community School Corporation will get a chance to play a part in the Peppermint Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony thanks to their impressive essays about what Christmas means to them.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok recognized the participating 4th, 5th and 6th-grade students at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, stating that all the kids did a great job with their essays. Continue reading

Knox Board of Works Members Consider Request from Main Street Homeowners

The Knox Board of Works members considered a request from residents at 205 S Main Street when they met this week.

Mayor Dennis Explained that the homeowners were seeking permission to place a dumpster in the road in front of their home as they complete some roof work. He explained, “They absolutely have no room in their yard to put a dumpster and they can’t put it in the alley because of the garbage and all that.” Continue reading

Here’s How to Keep Your Recyclables from Ending up in a Landfill

Every day, people all over the world recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and glass. Not only can these items be repurposed for future use but the practice of recycling helps reduce our dependence on landfills.

However, if an item is wet or soiled with any kind of food, it cannot be recycled and it runs the risk of contaminating other items you hoped to recycle.

To help cut down on contaminants in local recyclables and to keep them from winding up in a landfill, Knox Mayor Dennis Estok has shared some vital information from Republic Services.

Representatives of the waste management company say to keep these three words in mind when recycling; empty, clean and dry. Continue reading