Sheriff Gayer Invites You to Join the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer
Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer
Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer invites you to join him in the fight against crime by becoming a member of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association.

The association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the Criminal Justice system through education, training, service and the protection of lives and property of the citizens of Indiana.

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Swearing In Ceremony for Elected Officials Held in Pulaski County

In front: Superior Court Judge Pat Blankenship and Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn. Officers (L to R) Ron Powers, Tasha Foerg, Tom Roth, Stacey Mrak, Michael "Mick" Tiede, Alex Haschel, Joyce Weaver, Steve Van Der Aa, Holly Van Der Aa, Michael Gayer, Tracey Shorter

In a joint swearing ceremony, all candidates elected in the General Election in Pulaski County were sworn in by Circuit Court Judge, Michael Shurn, and Superior Court Judge, Patrick Blankenship.

One of those sworn into office was Tracey Shorter who will be the newest member of the Board of Commissioners on January 1st.

Besides being the first woman Commissioner in Pulaski County, she is also the youngest at age 42. Ted asked what prompted her to seek the office.

“I ran four years ago and the race was so close,” said Shorter. “Part of it was because there had never been a woman Commissioner and it became a goal of mine. I got sick and realized life is too short to wait so I ran. None of us knows what tomorrow holds. I’m excited. I think it shows a big win for the party but it also shows progress for our County as far as moving forward. I haven’t really done the background but I think not only am I the first woman, but I think I’m the youngest.”

Elected officials take their oaths of office

Like all counties, Pulaski has its share of pressing issues that will need to be addressed in 2011.

“Zoning is a big issue, whether or not we keep the County Home open, keeping our budget balanced and not borrowing what we don’t have. All of those things are huge,” said Shorter.

The following were sworn into office: Ron Powers, Pulaski County Council District 3; Tasha Foerg, Pulaski County Clerk; Tom Roth, Pulaski County Council District 2; Stacey Mrak, Pulaski County Prosecutor; Michael “Mick” Tiede, Pulaski County Council District 4; Alex Haschel Pulaski County Council District 1; Joyce Weaver, Pulaski County Surveyor; Steve Van Der Aa, Pulaski County Coroner; Holly Van Der Aa, Pulaski County Assessor; Michael Gayer, Pulaski County Sheriff; and Tracey Shorter, County Commissioner District 3.