Two Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court on Drug Charges

Two defendants charged with a felony level of possession of methamphetamine were sentenced in Starke Circuit Court Wednesday morning.

Debra Trusty, 46, pleaded guilty in a plea agreement with the prosecutor’s office to the charge. She admitted that she was in possession of the drug while in a police vehicle while enroute to the Starke County Jail on Dec. 5, 2015. Trusty’s attorney, Leslie Baker, explained that she successfully completed treatment and is gainfully employed. She is also attempting to make changes in her life to keep herself sober.

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Indiana To Evaluate Individual Needs of Probation Offenders

With 375 adult criminal offenders reporting to the Starke County probation office for services, Chief Probation Officer John Thorstad said recently that the state has come up with new methods to identify what each offender needs to be successful in the probation program.

“Indiana has come up with a new risk assessment that determines what type of programs or what type of involvement an offender needs with probation,” Thorstad said.

But a lot of the success depends on attitude.

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Kristopher Rogers Arrested after Home Search

Kristopher Rogers

A Knox man was arrested Friday after a home search found the suspect in possession of legend drugs.

Starke County Sheriff’s Department officers and a probation officer went to the home of Kristopher Rogers and reportedly found ammunition, paraphernalia and a pill bottle with several pills, according to police. Rogers told police that he had prescriptions for the pills and that it was from three or four years ago.

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